LabPower Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel


A clear, odourless anti-bacterial gel developed to aid in the prevention of cross-contamination by hands throughout the food, hospital and hospitality industries. The rapid germ-killing properties make the sanitiser ideal for use at any time; particularly before or after patient contact, food preparation, or toilet use.


  • Added moisturising emollients
  • Kills 99.9% germs instantly
  • 70% Ethanol
  • Hospital quality
  • Alcohol-based 
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Air dries in seconds
  • pH balanced
  • Requires no water
  • Australian Made
  • 576 units per pallet for 664-193
  • 1,512 units per pallet for 664-194


Note: While Westlab has made an effort to absorb a percentage of the ongoing price increase in raw materials, we are forced to pass on some of this increase to the end-user.  

ex GST
  • Buy 12 or more for $7.20 + GST
  • Buy 96 or more for $6.90 + GST
  • Buy 756 or more for $6.40 + GST

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