Open vs Closed Laboratory Design

Open-plan is used to describe any floor plan which uses large, open spaces with few walls and minimal use of small, enclosed rooms. Modern office space designs follow this trend, where there are few walls with movable, modular furnishings resulting in an open, interactive workspace. Since the mid-90s, laboratory design has embraced the open-plan concept. […] ... Read More

A Competitive Edge Through Layout And Workflow In Australian Pathology Laboratories

Smart pathology management involves sample throughput assessment in all divisions of the pathology laboratory whilst maintaining precision and accuracy. Whilst automation with digital pathology is great for speed and accuracy, layout and workflow processes are often overlooked, resulting in inefficiency and downtime through unnecessary motion. In this article, the team at Modulab impart a few […] ... Read More

Tips for success in your lab relocation

The relocation of your lab requires the utmost detail, regardless of your industry. Lab relocation is a highly important and delicate task which can be affected significantly from the smallest oversight. Attention to detail ensures your old and your new lab maintains cleanliness, preserve your years of research and collected data, and guarantees that your […] ... Read More

Case Study: Adelaide Botanic High School

  Westlab was approached by the South Australian Department for Education to assist with the initial equipment set-up package for its first vertical school, Adelaide Botanic High School, located in Adelaide’s CBD. The flagship High School has a unique approach to learning with a strong focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects. As […] ... Read More

Tips for Improving Lab Lighting

As an important part of the work environment, lighting has a profound impact on the performance within the laboratory. Even more crucially, the majority of laboratory personnel are required to complete delicate tasks permitting no margin of error. To improve productivity, personnel are encouraged to implement the following suggestions: 1. Replace light bulbs on regular […] ... Read More

A Guide to Choosing a Pipette Tip

    There are an array of pipette tips available in the market and it can become difficult to select an appropriate tip for your application. Not only do you need to find a tip that fits your pipette, you also need to decide on the type of tip and the quality of the tip. […] ... Read More

9 Ways to Make Your Day Productive in the Lab

1. Plan ahead For an efficient and productive day at the lab, the first and foremost thing to do is plan your day. This may be done at the end of the previous day, or in the morning at work. Jot down your tasks with a little detail, set deadlines and mark out the priority […] ... Read More

How to Get an Extra $7,500 Worth from Your Laboratory Budget

If the idea of creating money from thin air appeals to you, then we have good news! We have compiled our top five tips that can help you save $7,500 from your laboratory budget. Read on…   1. Freight Charges If you place orders regularly , you could save tonnes by taking advantage of Westlab’s […] ... Read More

How Compactus Can Help Organise Your Laboratory

  If you are seeking to bring organisation into your existing laboratory or starting from scratch, a compactus can offer a systematic solution to your storage needs. Compactus mobile shelving units can organise even the untidiest of laboratories. Their sleek design fits into any space, from small school prep rooms to large scale research laboratories […] ... Read More

The Challenges of Working in a Lab

  Some of the challenges scientists face in the lab Cross Contamination. Normally this is the outcome of trivial incidents of carelessness or oversight, or conversely, unavoidable mishaps. Nevertheless, without careful attention to the task, it is surprisingly easy to unintentionally combine an alien substance/s with a specimen, or accidentally soil an otherwise sterile substance. Oversight […] ... Read More

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