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Tips and strategies for improving communication within the lab environment

Posted on the 15th of Jul 2024 by Westlab

When you are giving instructions to your assistant or reading instructions while in the lab, ensure that you’re are clear and concise. Long-winded instructions filled with jargon can be confusing, especially when dealing with someone less experienced.

2024-07-15 04:43:45

The Importance of Quality Control in Laboratory Work

Posted on the 15th of Jul 2024 by Westlab

One of the most important yet often overlooked processes in laboratories is quality control. No lab can function properly unless there is sufficient quality control.

2024-07-15 03:09:00

Top Training Courses to Get Your Bachelor’s in Chemistry

Posted on the 15th of Jul 2024 by Westlab

In this article we list some of the top formal education courses to upskill your chemistry knowledge. 

2024-07-15 02:46:00

How to Prepare for a Lab Technician Job Interview

Posted on the 15th of Jul 2024 by Westlab

When applying for a lab technician job, it is essential to understand the role, have knowledge of the company or institute, and practise interview questions.

2024-07-15 02:25:42

A Guide to Purchasing New Laboratory Equipment for Your New or Upgraded Laboratory

Posted on the 15th of Jul 2024 by Westlab

A lab is not complete without the equipment that allows for increased efficiency and functionality. 

2024-07-15 01:40:00

Transforming Labs with AI: Key Innovations in the Next Two Years

Posted on the 9th of Jul 2024 by Westlab

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most talked-about topics of the 2020s, with AI language models and image generation platforms gaining widespread attention since late 2022. As AI technology rapidly evolves, its commercialisation for everyday applications is no longer a theory but a swiftly approaching reality. 

2024-07-09 00:50:00

Comparing Wealy and VanishPoint Retractable Syringes

Posted on the 20th of May 2024 by Westlab

Retractable syringes play a crucial role in minimizing needlestick injuries and ensuring safe medication administration. Two leading brands in this space are Wealy and VanishPoint. This article provides an objective analysis of these two brands, highlighting their advantages, disadvantages, and ideal applications.

2024-05-20 01:16:00

Dangerous When Wet: Understanding the Risks of Water-Reactive Substances

Posted on the 7th of May 2024 by Westlab

There's a hidden hazard that’s closer than you might think. We’re talking about substances that are classified as ‘Dangerous When Wet’. These materials, often found in industries such as mining and manufacturing, can react violently with water, causing harm to staff, property, and the surrounding environment.

2024-05-07 06:11:23

5 Essential Lab Hacks Every Scientist Should Know

Posted on the 7th of May 2024 by Westlab

If you’re reading this, doubtless you’ve done many hours of lab work. Still, you mightn’t have come across these tips and tricks which are proven to make your life easier in the lab. Especially if you’re spending a lot of your time in the lab, and not in front of a computer.

2024-05-07 02:14:00

A Deep Dive Into The World Of Plastic Container Laboratory

Posted on the 4th of Apr 2024 by Westlab

Discover the benefits of storing samples in a Plastic Container Laboratory and learn the types of plastics used to make containers in laboratory settings.

2024-04-04 11:19:00

Unveiling The Advantages of Plastic Labware in Lab Settings

Posted on the 2nd of Apr 2024 by Westlab

Discover the multiple benefits of using Plastic Labware in modern laboratories. Learn the types of plasticware that play a major role in advanced research.

2024-04-02 14:54:00

The Role of Plastic Measuring Cylinders in Modern Research

Posted on the 27th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Unlock the secrets of Plastic Measuring Cylinders in modern laboratories. Learn the ways to buy measuring containers from reputable vendors.

2024-03-27 10:26:00

Selecting The Perfect Lab Equipment For Schools Laboratory

Posted on the 26th of Mar 2024 by

Read this comprehensive guide to get Lab Equipment For Schools for future scientists. Learn about the need for lab tools that improve students' creativity.

2024-03-26 11:28:00

Innovate The Future: A Guide to Science Equipment Australia

Posted on the 24th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Explore the versatile role of Science Equipment Australia In innovation and research. Learn the critical features of science tools to consider before buying.

2024-03-24 16:41:00

Exploring The Critical Role of Chemical Storage Cabinets

Posted on the 22nd of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Discover the various advantages of Chemical Storage Cabinets in lab settings. Learn the economical ways to install these cabinets in the laboratory.

2024-03-22 10:22:00

The Impact of Laboratory Trolley in Scientific Laboratories

Posted on the 21st of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Learn the various benefits of using Laboratory Trolleys in scientific research or discoveries. Explore the types of trolleys that can help scientists in the lab.

2024-03-21 10:22:00

Enhance Scientific Accuracy With Top Lab Precision Balance

Posted on the 20th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Explore the benefits of versatile Lab Precision Balance to get accurate experiment answers. Discover various types of balances used in labs for research.

2024-03-20 11:05:00

The Importance of Sterile Scalpel Blade In Advance Research

Posted on the 19th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Explore the role of Sterile Scalpel Blade in research and discovery in modern sciences. Learn the ways to get these lab blades at affordable rates.

2024-03-19 10:17:00

Transparent Safety: A Closer Look at Reusable Face Shields

Posted on the 15th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Discover the essential role of Reusable Face Shields in the lab and the environment. Learn the types of reusable masks that can help humanity and science.

2024-03-15 09:41:00

The Science And Effectiveness of Face Shields In Laboratory

Posted on the 12th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Find out how Face Shields protect and when to use them for maximum effectiveness. Learn the multiple ways to purchase it from trustworthy vendors.

2024-03-12 09:42:00

Unlocking The Potential of Potassium Test Strips In The Lab

Posted on the 11th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Discover the versatile role of Potassium Test Strips in the lab and daily life. Learn the different types of these strips to get accurate and reliable results.

2024-03-11 08:21:00

Ultimate Checklist For Essential Laboratory Chemical Supplies

Posted on the 7th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Learn the detailed list of essential Laboratory Chemical Supplies for research purposes. Discover the multiple vendors to get chemicals at discounted rates.

2024-03-07 07:59:00

The Untold Stories of Laboratory Chemicals In Lab Settings

Posted on the 5th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Learn about the essential role of Laboratory Chemicals in deducing precise results. Discover the types of chemicals used in labs according to their grades.

2024-03-05 07:50:00

The Impact of Laboratory Glassware on Research And Discovery

Posted on the 4th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

Learn the versatile role of Laboratory Glassware in the scientific world. Discover various types of glass tools that are essential in research and discoveries.

2024-03-04 10:43:00
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