The Role of Plastic Measuring Cylinders in Modern Research

Plastic measuring cylinder

The Role of Plastic Measuring Cylinders in Modern Research

Posted on the 27th of Mar 2024 by Westlab

A plastic measuring cylinder is a laboratory instrument used to measure the volume of chemicals and liquids accurately. It is a tall, cylindrical container with a spout for pouring and a graduated scale etched onto the side to indicate volume. These measuring tools are typically made of polypropylene plastic (PP) or polyethene (PE), which are lightweight, shatterproof, and resistant to many chemicals. 

They are less expensive than glass measuring funnels and are a good choice for general laboratory use. However, they are not as accurate as glass cylinders and cannot be used with high temperatures or strong chemicals.

What Are The Common Applications Of Plastic Measuring Cylinders?

Due to their durability, chemical resistance, and cost-effectiveness, these precise measuring tubes find widespread applications across various fields. 

Here are some of the most common applications.

Chemical Analysis

In industries like medicine, food and drinks, and beauty products, these precise measuring barrels are great for regular checks to ensure everything is made correctly, with just the right amount of each ingredient. They are safe to use with most chemicals if they do not react badly with the plastic.

Clinical and Medical Laboratories

These cylinders are handy for getting ready and measuring blood, pee, or other body fluids for tests. They are good for tests that do not need to be super precise. They are also used for mixing stuff that does not easily catch fire or get destroyed at room temperature, making things safer and reducing costs.

Environmental Science

Because they are light and tough, Plastic Measuring Cylinders are perfect for taking outside to do research. They let scientists measure things in the field without worrying about them breaking. They also check water quality, help monitor the environment, and ensure water treatment works well.

Industrial Applications

In places where they make something, like paint or cleaners, these cylinders measure large amounts of liquids that do not have high temperatures. They also help in farming, measuring the right amount of food and bug spray and ensuring the dosage of pesticides and other fertilisers.

Brewing and Culinary Fields

Measuring the right amount of liquid is important for making beer or other alcohol at home or in a business and cooking, especially when trying new recipes and methods with food. Moreover, these measuring tools help ensure that the beer or food turns out just how it should.

Therefore, A Complete Guide To Glass Measuring Cylinders, whether made of glass or plastic, offer many benefits in the lab and other industries. These cylinders are a testament to precision and accuracy in many experiments. Researchers will not commit a single error using laboratory glassware or plasticware. Notably, glass cylinders offer more precision, while plastic cylinders are more durable and long-lasting in the lab. 

Reputable Ways To Buy Laboratory Cylinders

These cylinders offer an array of benefits in lab settings. Before purchasing one, many factors must be considered, including the cylinder's quality, heat or chemical resistance, durability, and cost. However, there are various ways to get measuring containers. 

Here are some answers to where to buy measuring cylinders conveniently.

Scientific Equipment Suppliers

Many specific suppliers in the market deal with lab tools and equipment. They mostly have a complete range of tools and all brands so the lab owner can conveniently get all his desired products. They also offer massive discounts on bulk purchases, ensuring quality and customer service.

Online Retailers

Online stores have built a unique reputation in modern times. Many stores, like Westlab Australia, offer various lab tools and chemicals on their websites. These online stores offer the swiftest and safest delivery of lab tools without any damage. Moreover, they offer discounts and 24/7 customer service to all their clients. 

Laboratory Supply Companies

Many well-established laboratory supply companies offer measuring barrels and other lab equipment and consumables. Moreover, buying directly from these companies ensures product authenticity and reliable customer service for any queries or issues.

University or Institutional Suppliers

Universities, research institutions, and large laboratories often have contracts with suppliers to purchase bulk laboratory equipment. Take advantage of these contracts to access high-quality measuring tubes at competitive prices. Contact the institution's procurement department for approved suppliers and purchasing procedures.

Secondhand Markets

Some companies specialise in refurbishing and reselling used laboratory equipment, including measuring funnels. While purchasing secondhand equipment can be cost-effective, ensure the items are thoroughly inspected and calibrated for accuracy. Moreover, buying these equipment from these markets can help researchers get the latest tools at reasonable prices.

Plastic measuring cylinders play an essential part in today's research. They are a perfect mix of useful, safe, and affordable, so they're used a lot in labs all over the world. Improving these tools will help us do better research, making our understanding of the world even more substantial.

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where to buy measuring cylinders online?

Westlab Australia is a reputable online store to get these cylinders at affordable prices and fastest delivery options. 

What are the key features of measuring cylinders?

These cylinders are mostly cost-effective have a spout for convenient use, and are durable materials for long-lasting use. 

What are the types of lab cylinders?

There are two main types of cylinders, graduated and ungraduated. Graduated cylinders are used for precise measurement while the other types are used for pouring chemicals. 

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