Concessional Spirits Permit


We require a copy of your concessional spirit permit when purchasing concessional spirits stating Westlab as a nominated supplier. Please forward a copy to or include when you place your order.

New applications can be processed at

Further information available at

The concessional spirits in Westlab’s range include Ethanol Undenatured 70% AR, Ethanol Undenatured 80% LR, Ethanol Undenatured 95% LR, Ethanol Undenatured 96% AR, Ethanol Undenatured 96% LR, Ethanol Undenatured 100% AR & Ethanol Undenatured 100% LR.


End-User Declaration Form


There has been a tightening of the regulations around chemical supply. For specified EUD Required products, an End User Declaration (EUD) has to be completed each time they are purchased. The completed form and driver's licence will be forwarded to the Victorian State Police and your order will be dispatched once we receive approval. Note that schools are NOT exempt.

When placing your order, please email the completed EUD form and a copy of your licence to


End User Declaration Form (PDF)            EUD Required Chemicals

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