Pre-Configured Checklists

Westlab has put together pre-configured checklist to assist educational lab technicians with their science related budgeting and purchasing in a new or refurbished laboratory.

Concessional Spirits Permit

The purchase of undenatured alcohol is restricted within Australia. To apply for a Concessional Spirits Permit, you will need to complete the Application for approval to use spirits (NAT 3248) form from the ATO. In addition, the form can also be used to renew an existing permit that is close to expiry and/or amend the details on an existing permit.

On the application, you will need to specify Westlab Pty Ltd as the nominated supplier. Once the permit has been approved and you place an order, we will require a copy of the permit to be kept on file. Please email our team with the permit. 

To access the permit, visit ATO Concessional Spirits Permit.

A permit is NOT required if you fall under one of the below categories:

  • Health care practitioners e.g. pharmacist, doctor, chiropractor, dentist, osteopath, physiotherapist, or registered nurse
  • Veterinary practitioners
  • Medical, government and educational institutions


End User Declaration Form

Due to a tightening of regulations around chemical supply within Australia, we are now enforcing stricter compliance with Drug Precursors and Poisons. We have worked closely with the State Department’s Crime Divisions nationally to ensure that Westlab is compliant with the relevant chemical regulations.

The EUD Form is mandatory for all purchases of specified chemicals. Note that this does not exclude schools. Before EUD Required Chemicals can be dispatched, our customers are required to complete the EUD form and attach a copy of their driver’s licence. In turn, we email both documents through to the VIC State Police Crime Desk for approval. 

When placing your order, please email the completed EUD form and a copy of your licence to

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