Sterility Check: Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape

autoclave steam indicator tape

Sterility Check: Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape

Posted on the 6th of Nov 2023 by Westlab

In the intricate world of medical, dental, and laboratory settings, sterility is not just a requirement but a responsibility. Among the many tools and protocols to ensure equipment decontamination, the Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape stands as a frontline measure, providing immediate visual evidence of sterilisation.

It is a type of adhesive tape that indicates whether or not an item has been exposed to the correct temperature and pressure during an autoclaving sterilisation cycle. The tape has a chemical indicator that changes colour when exposed to steam at the required temperature and pressure.

In complex situations, let us learn more about this small yet important lab tool. 

What Are The Benefits Of Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape?

Autoclave, an essential tool used as steam indicator tape in medical, dental, and laboratory sterilisation processes, offers several critical benefits. Its primary function is visually confirming exposure to conditions typically encountered in steam sterilisation processes.  

Here is a closer look at the advantages.

  • Visual Indication Of Sterilisation: Lab steam indicator tape changes colour when exposed to the correct temperature and pressure during an autoclaving sterilisation cycle. This provides a quick and convenient way to visually check whether an item has been sterilised.
  • Easy To Use: This steam indicator tape is easy to apply and remove. It can seal sterilisation packs or indicate whether individual items have been sterilised. The ease of use and durability make it a must-have in all lab settings.
  • Affordable: Lab steam indicator tape is relatively cheap, making it a cost-effective way to monitor sterilisation. It performs many essential tasks without breaking the bank account of the lab owner.
  • Reliable: This steam indicator tape is a reliable sterilisation indicator. It helps to get a perfect result in the minor operation of the autoclave for microbiology lab. 
  • Reduced Infection Risk: Ensuring that items are correctly sterilised, autoclaving steam indicator tape helps reduce the risk of infection. This is especially important in sensitive healthcare settings, where patients are particularly vulnerable to infection.
  • Improved Patient Safety: By helping to ensure the sterility of medical devices and other healthcare items, autoclave steam indicator tape helps to improve patient safety.

Autoclaving Steam Indicator Tape acts as a first line of defence by providing immediate, visual confirmation of exposure to the sterilisation process, thereby playing a crucial role in patient safety, regulatory compliance, and the overall efficiency of healthcare and laboratory practices.

Essential Tips To Follow Before Using Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape

Using Autoclaving Steam Indicator Tape effectively and efficiently requires adherence to specific guidelines. Proper application is crucial in ensuring the sterilisation process is reliable and meets all necessary safety standards. 

Below are essential tips that individuals and professionals should follow before using this tape.

  • Choose the correct type of tape: Different lab steam indicator tape types are available, each designed for a specific type of sterilisation cycle. Make sure to choose a tape compatible with the process one will use.
  • Inspect the tape before use: Make sure that the tape is not damaged or expired. If the tape is damaged or expired, it may not change colour properly, which could lead to false results.
  • Apply the tape correctly: Apply the tape to a clean, dry surface. Ensure the tape is completely sealed around the sterilisation pack or item. This will prevent steam from leaking out and affecting the indicator's colour change.
  • Place the tape in a visible location: After applying the tape, place it in a visible area on the sterilisation pack or item. This will make checking the tape for a colour change easy after the complete sterilisation cycle.
  • Check The Tape: Check the tape immediately after the sterilisation cycle. The indicator's colour change may fade, so checking the tape immediately after the sterilisation cycle is complete is essential.
  • Regularly test the tape: It is essential to periodically test the autoclaving steam indicator tape to ensure it works properly. One can do this by placing a strip of tape in a Bowie-Dick test pack and running the test cycle.
  • Store the tape properly: Autoclaving steam indicator tape should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It will help the tape to last longer and give better results for a longer time.

In conclusion, Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape is essential in rigorous healthcare and laboratory practices, providing an immediate, visual confirmation of sterilisation efforts. While simple in its application, its role is monumental in maintaining a safe, sterile, and compliant environment. When professionals use this tool as part of their complete sterility plan, they maintain the best standards of care and safety. This shows their intense dedication to excellence in lab settings.

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