Sparkling Glassware Without Side Effects


Sparkling Glassware Without Side Effects

Posted on the 29th of Aug 2016 by Westlab

When it comes to your laboratory, Glassware superior cleaning power is required that simply cannot be achieved with your standard domestic products. Specialised laboratory decontaminants and cleaners are available to give you excellent performance. These types of cleaning products go far above and beyond the power of standard domestic cleaning products and as you would expect, you’ll have to pay more for them.

There are a huge amount of laboratory cleaners available in the market today. It can often be confusing as to what cleaner is going to be most suitable for your laboratory. The biggest factor to consider which is often overlooked is the safety component. Yes, you read that right! Safety is an area that is important to consider. Labs can use a large volume of cleaning solutions throughout the year. When we say safety, we mean how harmful is the product you are using. Skin irritation can occur when nasty chemicals come into contact with the skin, this can result in Contact Dermatitis causing immediate and long-term problems.

There is a couple of ways to combat skin irritation. Firstly, you can protect yourself from the substances by wearing PPE such as gloves and aprons. Be sure to make sure that the material of your PPE is resistant to the types of substances it will come into contact with. This measure of protection does work but is the least effective method in terms of a hierarchy of control. The most effective method would be to eliminate the harmful substance.

If possible, it is best if you replace your harmful cleaning solution with a safe alternative. You want to look for something that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and is readily biodegradable. Arguments have stated that performance-wise, a non-toxic solution wouldn’t achieve the level of cleaning required, but this is simply not the case anymore. There are safe options out there that match and in some cases outperform their toxic counterparts. In terms of pricing, non-toxic solutions are generally more expensive, however, we are seeing some brands coming in at a similar price point making it an easier decision to make the switch. If you’re looking at switching to a non-toxic solution, try requesting samples from Medical Lab Equipment Suppliers. This will give you an opportunity to test it out and make sure it stands up to the task!

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