7 Reasons to Use Open Steel Wire Shelving for Laboratory Storage

7 Reasons to Use Open Steel Wire Shelving for Laboratory Storage

7 Reasons to Use Open Steel Wire Shelving for Laboratory Storage

Posted on the 7th of Nov 2018 by Westlab

Tired of having less than optimal storage solutions for your laboratory, hospital, healthcare and medical facilities.  Whether you are looking for storage and shelving options for a new lab design or refitting a laboratory, there are many considerations you need to contemplate.  Laboratory storage shelving units need to be functional and economical.  The Westlab wire systems are designed tough, come with a 5-year warranty and are ideal for use in laboratories, hospital, healthcare and medical facilities.

We have explored the top 7 benefits of using open steel wire shelving systems in laboratories and healthcare facilities.

1 Cost-Effectiveness 

The steel wire shelving systems are cost-effective and you only need to purchase the exact amount of storage space that is required. The systems can be easily installed which reduces the cost of requiring a professional installer.

2. Customisable

One of the main benefits of wire shelving over other products is the ability to customize the space depending on the requirements of the lab.  The Westlab Steel Wire Shelving comes in either stainless steel or white powder-coated. The shelves are available in varying widths from 610mm to 1825 mm meaning that it is easy to configure the optimal storage solution for the laboratory.  Need to store tall or oversized pieces of equipment or items?  No problem.  The spacing between the individual shelves is not fixed – giving you the added flexibility in deciding the height of the individual shelves.

3. Adaptable

Research and laboratory work is constantly evolving, so laboratory storage systems should be able to evolve as well. The steel wire shelves come in all shapes and sizes, can be used for many different applications and can be adapted as required.  Shelves can be raised or lowered, additional units can be added or removed.  The shelving can be mounted in such a way that he most used items are stored within reach and/or at eye level.

4. Versatile

Laboratories have complex environments- general laboratory areas, cold rooms, warm rooms and sterile rooms. Steel wire shelving has many advantages over other products such as:

  • It is not porous and is easier to clean.
  • Stainless-steel is preferred in sterile environments
  • The white powder-coated shelving is temperature resistant from -40°C to 150°C and is Rust-proof, Moisture-proof, Acid-proof and Alkali-proof.
  • The flow-through ventilation of open shelves is ideal for cold rooms applications as air filtration is optimal ensuring that the items are stored at the correct temperature.
  • Each shelf has a capacity of up to 150 kg

5. Low Maintenance

The shelving is made of steel which is extremely durable. The openness of the shelving allows air to circulate over the stored items and helps prevent dust collection.  This means that less time must be spent cleaning and the laboratory personnel can be more productive.

6. Accessibility & Easier to Organize

The steel wire shelving units provide increase storage options and can be used to store and easily access consumables, glassware, plastics and equipment. Unlike other conventional laboratory cupboards and shelves, the open wire shelving allows visual access so it’s easier to locate the items.

Not only that, but the laboratory manager will no longer be surprised by the old fashioned 1980’s piece of equipment that took up permanent residence in the back of an old and dusty cupboard.

7. Maximizes Floor Space

The open wire shelving makes spaces look brighter and more open. The shelving allows you to maximize your laboratory space without using up valuable floor space as you would with conventional laboratory cupboards.

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