Low Dead Space Syringes: Huge Advantages

Low Dead Space Syringes: Huge Advantages

Low Dead Space Syringes: Huge Advantages

Posted on the 1st of Mar 2021 by Westlab

Efficiency and high return on investment is an important factor in running a healthcare enterprise, particularly if it is in the public sector where healthcare relies on the extent of the investment.

This factor plays a great part in why the use of low dead space (LDS) syringes is so popular amongst healthcare providers in the rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccine, particularly the Pfizer Inc. Vaccine.

Why is it so important?

The low deadspace syringe in the long run results in very high return on investment, and overall huge cost savings. This means that governments can effectively provide more vaccines at the same cost. A simple innovation here will ensure that 20% more people will have access to a vaccine for no extra cost to government, resulting in an enhanced economic recovery rate from such a spend.

How does it work?

The low deadspace syringe uses a plunger which is unique in the fact that its contours conform to those of the syringe in which it lies. A normal syringe has an area of cavity at the bottom of the plunger, hence the name deadspace—this space will always have around 200µL of vaccine wasted in the end of the actual syringe.

The elongated plunger of the low deadspace eliminates this deadspace, as it conforms to the shape of the syringe. Whereas a standard delivery would effectively waste a whole dose over the usage of one vial, this simple innovation retains this effectiveness.

Where are the cost savings?

An LDS Syringe is around the same dollar value as a normal standard syringe. The cost savings, however, come from extra usage gained with the LDS.

The Pfizer vaccine vial delivers 5 standard doses with standard syringes. Over 5 doses, if the delivery can save 200µL (0.2mL) per shot from a 1 mL syringe, this provides a full dose extra out of the standard vial. This is a huge saving, giving overall a 20% increase in the efficiency and capacity of the investment made into the Pfizer vaccine.

This is a massive cost saving for health departments, and over the full investment of the vaccine rollout, gains an extra 20% cost saving on a $3.2 billion commitment – a monumental efficiency-move in terms of financials.

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