How to Identify a Highly Effective Laboratory Technician

How to Identify a Highly Effective Laboratory Technician

How to Identify a Highly Effective Laboratory Technician

Posted on the 14th of Nov 2017 by Westlab

Highly efficient laboratory technicians are individuals that are in high demand today’s laboratories as they are people that roll-out the red carpet for great lab management, organisation, efficiency, coordination and most of all great academic outcome. In this article, we are reaching out to organisations with laboratories that are looking to recruit a new laboratory technician. We seek to assist with a few tips on keys skills to identify an efficient laboratory technician in today’s lab.


A clean workspace is a very good indicator of an efficient lab tech! A messy desk is not always a sign of creativity or workload. It’s more likely to be a sign of a disorganised technician that is rarely conducive to being productive. Having an organised desk with a place for everything in its place and a clean working environment means you are never wasting time looking for lost items and allows you to focus on one task at a time with a clear mind.


Highly effective laboratory technicians network with those in the same industry. In today’s social media world, connecting with other laboratory technicians has never been easier. For highly successful lab techs, connecting and networking is as important as eating and drinking. It’s almost essential for survival. Not only does “iron sharpen iron”, but Networking can also open many new opportunities, new methodologies and assist greatly with continuous improvement. Laboratory technicians who don’t network in a fast-moving era will be left behind with old methodologies more inefficiencies. Ineffective laboratory technicians get into the habit of working independently. It requires less effort than work together with their peers. They so much enjoy having their own little space and building a silo in which to work that they fail to see the most important work occurs horizontally in an effective laboratory.


Effective laboratory technicians are great communicators. These technicians are skilled at communicating insights and understanding of the issues or problems. Not only do they listen to both good and bad feedback but also articulate clearly and precisely to assist with the elimination of human error. They provide others with a sense of direction and purpose through positive communication.


A highly effective laboratory technician takes responsibility and is uncomplaining whereas an ineffective laboratory technician has a pessimistic slant on life. They spend more time and energy complaining about what is wrong, blaming others for it, and feeling sorry for themselves, than focusing on ways to make things better. Effective laboratory technicians make “molehills out of mountains” and have the ability to provide solutions and answers to immediate problems that arise. They have a great absorption capacity and ability to carry with them a culture of positivity regardless of the situation.


Highly effective laboratory technicians act immediately! Not only do they have a sense of urgency in their step but have the ability and creativity to move with speed and agility. They know that the longer they wait to get something done, the higher the chances that it will never get done. They utilise their skills such as communication, networking, collaborating, and personal initiative to get the job done with purpose and initiative, even if they are not sure how to do it, they will find out.

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