How To Choose The Right Lab Fridge? | Types And Factors

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How To Choose The Right Lab Fridge? | Types And Factors

Posted on the 23rd of Aug 2023 by Westlab

Imagine when you are in a kitchen, and there is no fridge. Like a kitchen needs a good fridge, every lab needs a fridge to store chemicals and liquids. However it is easier to buy a home fridge, but it is challenging to pick a suitable Lab Fridge for your lab. 

Whether you have a new lab setup or your old fridge, no more works well, knowing the parameters to choose the right one is crucial. The delicate samples in the lab need proper preservation. For that, you need a well-equipped refrigerator.

Let's discover the different types and factors in selecting the best lab fridge for your laboratory.

What are Different Types of Lab Fridge?

Lab fridge has different shapes, designs, and purposes. Key types include fridge-freezer combo, mini fridge, explosion-proof fridge, high-performance fridge, and general-purpose fridge for volatile samples.

Lab Fridge Freezer Combo

If you are looking for a fridge and a freezer option in one unit, then a lab fridge-freezer combo is the best option. Moreover, owning a large laboratory can fulfill your diverse storage needs within limited space. You can use it for both chilled and frozen storage.

Mini Lab FridgeWhen there are limited samples, and you own a smaller laboratory branch, you should go for Mini Lab Fridge immediately. It is compact but ensures that your samples are safe and preserved perfectly.

General Purpose Fridge

Multiple laboratories use these fridges for routine reagent storage, different solutions, and non-sensitive samples. These work best for everyday lab requirements and within the standard temperature range.

High-performance fridge

These fridges are designed especially for critical samples that require controlled temperature. There are significantly fewer fluctuations in the refrigerator's temperature, making them perfect for susceptible biological samples. High-performance fridges are the best for expensive reagents as well. 

Explosion Proof Fridge

The substances that are flammable need to be stored very carefully. The labs that work with such chemicals should use these types of fridges to prevent explosions and ensure safety standards.

What are The Important Factors in Choosing a Lab Fridge?

Remember some pointers when you are ready to purchase a fridge for your lab. Temperature precision and stability, fridge size, capacity as per your need, energy consumption, and protection features are essential when you choose a lab fridge.

Temperature Precision and Stability

A fridge that has minimum temperature fluctuations works best for laboratories. You can use it without hesitation as it keeps your sensitive samples safe and secure.

Size and Capacity

Choose a fridge that suits your size needs according to your laboratory needs. Overstoring in a fridge affects its efficiency, so you should analyze the volume of your samples and then pick the suitable fridge for your laboratory.

Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly electronic equipment saves energy consumption and the mother earth at the same time. These fridges do not compromise on performance, yet it is advantageous from all sides.

Additional Factors

According to modern trends, fridges with integrated Storage Trolly enhance the safety of samples. You can easily transport samples in and out of the refrigerator. Moreover, adjustable functional features are a plus for your laboratory efficiency.

Security Features

Samples have to be safe from unauthorized access in the laboratory. In that case, you should choose a fridge with an in-built security mechanism.

Budget and Warranty

Electronic equipment surely needs warranties alongside being cost-efficient. Without compromising on essential elements, you can easily choose a fridge when you have a defined budget. Moreover, a warranty saves you from repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

Get the Best Quality Equipment For Your Lab

Within the world of science, quality is always prioritized over quantity. In laboratory research, you need advanced tools and equipment for accurate, precise, and reliable results.

All your samples, research, and observations within an experiment should be flawless. With high-quality lab equipment, you ensure safety standards, minimal contamination risks, and effective process streamlining.

Using the right equipment within the laboratory research market is crucial. The right refrigerator secures your samples and ensures precision, safety, and preservation for your laboratory research. 

Securing top-quality equipment for your lab is a crucial factor. It ensures precise results, safeguards your research, and showcases commitment to excellence. Investing in the best tools reflects dedication and groundbreaking discoveries. Elevate your research; with qualitative instruments and apparatus.

Remember, a well-equipped lab reflects your commitment to thorough and well-equipped research. By prioritizing quality, you safeguard your experiments and improve your reputation in the scientific and research community.

Discover the finest technology and best options for your lab fridge, implementing the right factors. If you need clarification about what suits your needs, contact Westlab Australia for help choosing a qualitative and reliable fridge for your laboratory.

Westlab Australia is here to provide you with premium lab solutions and consultations today!

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