How Compactus Can Help Organise Your Laboratory

How Compactus Can Help Organise Your Laboratory

How Compactus Can Help Organise Your Laboratory

Posted on the 4th of Sep 2019 by Westlab

If you are seeking to bring organisation into your existing laboratory or starting from scratch, a compactus can offer a systematic solution to your storage needs.

Compactus mobile shelving units can organise even the untidiest of laboratories. Their sleek design fits into any space, from small school prep rooms to large scale research laboratories and aids in condensing your inventory footprint. These systems are configurable to your individual requirements, so your laboratory can run smoothly and efficiently.

What is Compactus?

Compactus mobile shelving units are an innovative filing and storage system, consisting of a network of shelving units that concertina out on-demand, saving you space and time. Compactus units can save up to 50% floor space over traditional shelving and filing units.

Compactus systems can be seamlessly integrated into your existing space, offering you a convenient solution to rectify the most disorganised of storage rooms. They can keep valuable laboratory consumables and equipment safe from wear and elements, as well as protecting security sensitive material.

How do Compactus Systems Work?

Compactus systems have the flexibility of working in many ways, depending on the features that fit you best. They are vertical shelving units that integrate into tracks built within flooring systems. For more permanent fixtures, these tracks can be laid into the pre-existing flooring. Additionally, temporary units can also be purchased that use a steel base which can be moved on demand and require no floor preparation. Vertical shelving units are then fitted with wheels that articulate within the track system.

Compactus units can be moved manually or via concealed motors in the base.

For manual systems, hand cranks can also be installed which allow the user to move heavy loads with minimal effort. When an aisle is no longer required, the unit can be disassembled, saving floor space.

Electronic units use a one-touch button system. This system activates a small motor at the base of the unit and moves each section without the need for manpower. These units are not only very easy to use, but they also allow access for the disabled. These electronic systems are ideal for large capacity and higher load-bearing requirements.

Why Choose a Compactus System?

Regardless of which system is required to keep your laboratory running efficiently, personalised colours and layouts can be applied. Furthermore, the Gratnells tray system can be utilised within these units, giving another level of organisation through visual management of tray colours.

These systems are ideal for storing the following:

  • Non-hazardous chemicals
  • Small equipment (eg, Bunsen burners, balances, class sets, hotplates, etc)
  • Glassware
  • Safety-related items
  • Plasticware and containers
  • Cleaning goods
  • Plus any other inventory which requires systematic storage
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