Case Study: Whyalla Scientific Equipment

Whyalla Scientific Equipment

Case Study: Whyalla Scientific Equipment

Posted on the 4th of May 2023 by Westlab

Client Need

Whyalla Secondary College is a large 1500-strong state secondary school in the coastal city of Whyalla, South Australia. Built to accommodate the growing needs of the community, Whyalla was heavily invested into – an approximately $100million state of the art project. As the school replaces three existing campuses across Whyalla, the school needed to fully furnish and fit out nine science with Lab Equipments and consumables and have the backup of local support and services for their ongoing functionality.

Westlab Solution

Westlab Australia provided a fully itemised checklist for each area of science, broken down into topics so that each area was fully covered. This provided a full package to ensure that nothing was left out, and that the labs could be serviceable in a short period of time.

Whyalla Secondary College engaged Westlab to provide a complete turnkey solution, with over 500 different SKUs supplied and delivered within schedule.

Some of the main product categories included:

  • Glassware
  • Plasticware
  • Chemicals
  • Data loggers
  • PPE
  • Physics & Biology Packages 

Total value of Westlab's solution: $300k 


As one of our platinum clients, Whyalla benefited from scheduled deliveries to ensure adequate timing for year levels to start their education. Westlab held stock for up to three months to ensure optimal delivery times. Working closely with the science staff, Westlab provided our White Glove Service to set up technical Lab Consumables and  equipment and ensure complete satisfaction of the delivery.

As a premier flagship high school in South Australia, Whyalla Secondary College now has a fully functional science program, thanks to all equipment and consumables being delivered on time and in top quality.

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