Are Your Food Handling Nitrile Gloves HACCP Australia Approved?

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Are Your Food Handling Nitrile Gloves HACCP Australia Approved?

Posted on the 12th of Jul 2018 by Westlab

If using gloves as a food safety precaution in food, it is imperative that such Nitrile Gloves are food safe in themselves as they usually have significant food contact. This can be assured by using gloves that carry HACCP Australia’s food safety product certification.

What is HACCP?

“HACCP” is an acronym for ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’ and is a food safety protocol used to identify and control food safety hazards in the food industry across the world. The HACCP methodology identifies and manages food safety hazards to reduce the risk of contamination. This is achieved through the implementation and ongoing maintenance of HACCP based Food Safety Programmes. The HACCP methodology is the basis for all of the world’s leading food safety schemes. Codex HACCP is the base protocol recommended by The World Health Organisation and the United Nation’s FAO for the management of food safety.

Who is HACCP Australia?

HACCP Australia, together with its international body – HACCP International*, is a food science organisation body that specialises in food safety and food safety certification – both management system certification for food industry operations and product certification for non-food products used by the food industry in handling and processing.

It’s food safety product certification scheme confirms the ‘fitness for purpose’ of products used by the food industry that have a significant impact on food safety impact on food safety or have incidental and/or direct food contact. Many of the materials, consumables and equipment used by the world’s leading food businesses carry its certification mark. In this process, and among others, materials, specifications, design, operating instructions, packaging, claims and quality systems are examined. A certified product must be fully compliant in all review components.

Should your gloves be HACCP certified?

While certification in itself is not mandatory, the leading food safety and quality schemes, including those endorsed by the Global Food Safety Imitative (GFSI), require all non-food products and aids to manufacture and process that have food contact or impact food safety to undergo an auditable due diligence process as part of the product selection process. An independent third-party certification, with that precise requirement at its core and as provided by HACCP International and HACCP Australia, fully meets this exact need.

There are many poorly designed products, made from unsuitable materials, carrying unsubstantiated claims and without appropriate quality controls that can make their way into food processing facilities. They increase physical and chemical contamination risks considerably. The HACCP Australia certification is designed to eliminate those risks as well as meeting the ‘Lab Supply Australia’ requirements of food handling companies required to meet world’s best practice food safety standards.

*HACCP International is accredited by JAS-ANZ as a conformity assessment body. JAS-ANZ is a member of The International Accreditation Forum (IAF). HACCP International operates an accredited product certification scheme, titled Food Safety Assurance, as well as other proprietorial certification schemes.

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