A Complete Guide To Plastic Cabinet - Features And Uses

Plastic Cabinet

A Complete Guide To Plastic Cabinet - Features And Uses

Posted on the 7th of Aug 2023 by Westlab

A Plastic Cabinet in a lab refers to a storage unit made of plastic material that is used to store various laboratory supplies, equipment, and chemicals. These cabinets are commonly used in laboratories due to their versatility, durability, and chemical resistance. They come in different sizes and configurations, allowing researchers to organize and store items efficiently. 

In this blog, we will explore more about the functions of these cabinets, their features, and multipurpose usage. 

Why Should You Choose a Plastic Cabinet for Your Lab?

A Plastic Cabinet has desirable features that offer several advantages that make it a practical and popular choice for various storage needs in a lab like chemical resistance, portability, low maintenance, and others. 

Here are some compelling features of these cabinets that highlight why purchasing them is an excellent choice.  

  1. Chemical Resistance

These cabinets are highly resistant to a wide variety of chemicals commonly used in laboratories and industrial settings. This feature ensures that the cabinet can Safely Store Corrosive, reactive, or hazardous substances without deteriorating or compromising the cabinet's structural integrity.

  1. Lightweight and Convenient Portability

Cabinets made of plastic are significantly lighter than Metal Cabinets, making it easier  for lab personnel to move and reposition them as needed. This portability allows greater flexibility in organizing the workspace and adjusting storage arrangements as lab needs change.

  1. Low Maintenance Needs

Cleaning and maintaining these cabinets are easy and convenient tasks. They are easy to clean as they  can be just wiped - they do not require specialized cleaning agents or treatments. This ease of maintenance contributes to a hygienic and tidy storage solution.

  1. Fire Resistance

These cabinets used for storing flammable liquids are designed to be fire-resistant. Flammable cabinets made from metal, particularly double-walled steel, provide an extra layer of protection against potential fires that may result from the volatile nature of flammable substances.

Plastic Cabinet - A Versatile Storage Solution in Different Settings

A multi-purpose cabinet of plastic comes in different forms like wood cabinet, Metal Cabinets and plastic cabinet. These cabinets have a versatile storage solution designed to meet various storage needs in different settings, from homes and offices to workshops and laboratories. These cabinets offer a range of features that make them practical, durable, and adaptable to diverse environments. 

With their lightweight construction, chemical resistance, and customizable designs, multi-purpose cabinets have become popular choices for organizing and securing items efficiently. 

Some of the settings where these cabinets are commonly used are mentioned here. 

  • Laboratories

Laboratories commonly use these cabinets to store various lab supplies, reagents, glassware, and equipment. Their chemical resistance makes them suitable for storing corrosive substances safely.

 In addition, the material used for these cabinets is high-quality polypropylene, which is renowned for its exceptional resistance to various chemicals, acids, and bases in the lab.This feature provides a reliable barrier, protecting both the stored substances and the laboratory personnel from potential hazards. 

  • Medical Facilities

These cabinets are critical in medical facilities for secure and hygienic storage of Healthcare Equipment, medical supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and patient records. These cabinets provide a safe and organized environment for essential medical equipment, ensuring quick access during emergencies. 

With easy-to-clean surfaces, these cabinets make the adherence to strict hygiene standards in medical settings easy. Their lockable doors provide an added layer of security, safeguarding sensitive medical items and patient information.

  • Offices 

In office settings, plastic cabinets are crucial in maintaining a tidy and efficient workspace. They provide practical and safe storage solutions for stationery, files, documents, and other office supplies. 

The lightweight and portable nature of these cabinets allows for easy repositioning within the office, enabling office managers or employees to adapt the workspace layout as needed.

Acid Cabinet vs Flammable Cabinet - An In-Depth Comparison

Acid and flammable cabinets are specialized storage solutions designed to safely store and segregate hazardous materials in laboratory and industrial settings. Both cabinets serve distinct purposes and are essential for maintaining a safe and compliant workspace. 

Let's explore the key features of acid cabinets and flammable cabinets to understand their differences:

  1. Acid Cabinets

Acid cabinets are specifically designed to store corrosive chemicals safely. These chemicals, often acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid, can cause severe skin burns and eye damage if mishandled. 

Acid cabinets are constructed with materials that resist corrosion, such as polypropylene or epoxy-coated steel. They also have air-tight seals to prevent acid fumes from escaping and corroding surrounding equipment.

Features Of Acid Cabinet

  • Inside an acid cabinet, shelves and storage compartments are typically made of non-reactive materials to ensure the stored acids do not react with the cabinet's interior. 
  • Acid cabinets also have a distinctive color, usually blue, to signify their purpose and alert lab personnel to the potential hazards within.
  1. Flammable Cabinets

Flammable cabinets, on the other hand, are designed to store flammable liquids and solvents safely. Flammable materials, such as gasoline, ethanol, and acetone, can easily ignite and cause fires if exposed to sparks, flames, or heat sources. 

Flammable cabinets are constructed with fire-resistant materials, such as double-walled steel, to provide an additional layer of protection against fires.

Features Of Flammable Cabinets 

  • Inside a flammable cabinet, shelves are often adjustable and made of steel to support the weight of containers filled with flammable liquids. 
  • Flammable cabinets are typically colored yellow to signify their purpose and stand out in the laboratory or industrial setting.

Therefore, if you compare Acid Cabinet vs Flammable Cabinet, you will find that they both play critical roles in lab safety and regulatory compliance by enabling proper storage and segregation of hazardous materials - which is vital for preventing accidents, protecting personnel, and maintaining a safe work environment in laboratories and industrial facilities.

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