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Disposal of dangerous goods in Australia.

Disposal of dangerous goods is a key concern when managing a laboratory. Dangerous goods are classified as substances, mixtures, or any object which may be corrosive, flammable, explosive, toxic or oxidising and due to these properties they become an immediate risk to people, property and the environment. Dangerous goods are categorised  under specific classes in accordance […] ... Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Lab Coat in the Laboratory

BARRIER PROTECTION – A lab coat provides substantial barrier protection and shields your torso and arms from coming into direct contact with hazardous substances in the laboratory. PROTECTIVE MATERIAL – A good lab coat is semi fire retardant – The ideal material for a lab coat is 35/65 polycotton (35% polyester and 65% cotton). Polyester offers […] ... Read More

What is the correct way to store a pH electrode?

Correct storage of your pH probes can substantially increase the longevity of the probe saving you time, effort, and money. Here are a few points on how to get the most out of your probes. Firstly, you should make sure you always keep your pH electrode moist, the best solution to submerge the probe for […] ... Read More

10 tips to run a more efficient laboratory

From creating a culture of innovation to maintaining your equipment, this article sets out 10 simple tips on how to make your facility more efficient today and more importantly, well into the future! There are three variables that determine the efficiency of any laboratory: The people, the processes, and the equipment. The People Right people […] ... Read More

How to Read a Meniscus in Chemistry

Liquids are difficult to measure with the naked eye due to surface tensions causing a meniscus to form on the circumference of the measuring object. In this article, you will learn what a meniscus is, why it forms and how you can accurately and precisely measure the volume of a liquid in laboratory graduated measuring […] ... Read More

8 Habits of Great Laboratory Technicians

A great laboratory technician is often key to success to great laboratory management. Irrespective of the type of laboratory environment, great technicians adapt and take on a few common habits that facilitate laboratory-based scientific investigations in the best way possible.   Knowledge They know the end from the beginning. Knowledge of the procedure and desired […] ... Read More

9 Skills That Contribute to a Great Laboratory Manager

A Laboratory Manager is a person who is responsible for the management of daily operations in the laboratory. A lot of responsibility hinges on the lLaboratory manager in respect to leadership, problem solving, skills development, communication, budget management, meetings, conflicting priorities, OHS and contracts management. In the below article we have outlined 9 management skills […] ... Read More

Implementing 5S in the Laboratory

5S is a visual management tool and a structured methodology in creating best practice, clean, organised and efficient working environment. 5S can assist with the elimination of frustration, confusion, Stress, space limitation and inventory management. 5S is a great way to manage your laboratory. Being organised is about working smarter not harder and helps to […] ... Read More

Waste Elimination in the Laboratory using the Acronym “WOODMITS” – Lean Management Techniques

Waste reduces the capacity of a laboratory to reach its objectives in the most efficient manner; it uses limited resources in ways that do not contribute to the organisation’s overall goals. Lean is an organisational performance management system characterised by a collaborative approach between employees and managers to identify and minimise or eliminate activities that do […] ... Read More

How To Save Time in the Laboratory – Ten Tips

Highly Successful laboratory personnel know that time is a precious commodity in the day to day operation of a lab. There is nothing more valuable than time – whilst money can be lost and made again, time can never be reclaimed! Here are 10 tips that could help you regain time in your laboratory: Measure […] ... Read More

Designing or Improving a High-Volume Production or Automation Laboratory? What Layout is Best for You?

Are you prioritising optimisation of laboratory design and layout?  There are many ways to layout benching in your laboratory space. In this article, we look at incorporating lean principles to optimise design layouts primarily for high throughput production and automation laboratories. There are T-Shaped Layouts, U-Shape Layouts and Z or S-Shaped layouts. Key pointers to […] ... Read More

Key Budgeting Tips for Saving Money in Your Laboratory

Documenting a budget is a great starting point when given the job to supervise the expenditure for your laboratory. Managing a budget in a laboratory can be an overwhelming task as there is responsibility and accountability expected of persons responsible.  While you don’t receive any more money by budgeting, it allows you to maximise and […] ... Read More

How to fast forward a decision from your management

  Some decisions in the laboratory can directly affect operational outcomes and larger capital requirements, such as specialist laboratory equipment that directly depends on higher management to approve the funding prior to a purchase. Delayed approvals may cause a delay in efficiencies and output in your laboratory. In this article, we have put a few […] ... Read More

How to Prevent Email Burnout in the Laboratory

It’s 9:00 on Monday morning. As Kate sits down at her desk she experiences that familiar feeling of dread…her email inbox is overloaded and she is way behind on responding to the multitude of queries, suggestions, issues and much more than makes up her typical day! Kate is a Lab Manager and looks after a […] ... Read More

Maintaining the Modulab Chemtemp Extreme Solid Epoxy Laboratory Benchtop

Modulab Chemtemp Extreme Benchtop is the standard benchtop used for Westlab projects that is a rigid, solid epoxy comprised of unique chemical properties formulated specifically for the entry level to high-level laboratory. The benchtop possesses a tough, non-porous resistance to strong acids and is equipped to handle extreme temperatures of up to 600 ̊ C! […] ... Read More

Lab technicians and Lab managers, can you say “Yes” to the following questions?

  In this article we are challenging the norms in laboratories, as it is a fast-changing and increasingly creative market, especially in the science education sector. One week is no longer acceptable for a delivery and online ordering has become the mainstream versus fax, email, and phone. Speed in response is just a common expectation […] ... Read More

How to identify a highly effective laboratory technician.

Highly efficient laboratory technicians are individuals that are in high demand today’s laboratories as they are people that roll-out the red carpet for great lab management, organisation, efficiency, coordination and most of all great academic outcome. In this article, we are reaching out to organisations with laboratories that are looking to recruit a new laboratory […] ... Read More

What makes a reliable online ordering laboratory supply website.

Online ordering is one of the most popular ways of ordering laboratory supplies in the 21st century. It is important to associate your purchasing with suppliers that are continually adapting their online platforms to give you a faster and more hassle-free experience. In this article, we look at important features of a laboratory supply website […] ... Read More

4 Tips to Manage Laboratory Inventory

Managing inventory in the laboratory is an important task and the significance of it is largely overlooked. Inventory management remains one of the single most effective ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. The team at Westlab have written this article to give you some fresh inspiration and ideas to assist in managing inventory which […] ... Read More

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