All You Need to Know About N95 Respirators

Posted on the 20th of Aug 2020 by admin
The N95 respirator has fast become the face mask of choice for many Healthcare professionals and is widely considered to be the ultimate in protection against infectious aerosols. But what is an N95...
11 months ago

Tips for Improving Lab Lighting

Posted on the 20th of Nov 2020 by admin
Lighting is fundamental in a laboratory’s work environment as it directly affects the performance of those who work in the lab. For instance, a large number of lab personnel are required to complete...
8 months ago

Ducted vs Recirculating Fume Hoods

Posted on the 3rd of Mar 2021 by Westlab
A fume hood is a very common piece of equipment in any laboratory setting – most laboratories have one. A useful tool, fume hoods allow lab workers to conduct experiments or activities with...
5 months ago

Westlab Develops Locally Made Face Shields

Posted on the 9th of Jul 2020 by Westlab
In March 2020 the Westlab team worked through numerous designs and clinical trials to develop and manufacture a locally made face shield that could be produced in high volumes to meet the market...
1 year ago

Re-imagining and Healing Links in the Supply Chains During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on the 10th of Jul 2020 by
Getting humanitarian supplies where they need to go is a game of precision and meticulous planning under normal circumstances. Try adding a global pandemic to the mix, and you’ve described the...
1 year ago

How Supply Chains are Being Forced to Adapt to COVID-19 Lockdowns

Posted on the 28th of Jul 2020 by Westlab
Dealing with an unprecedented moment in time As the world is being forced to adapt to the continuing threat of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent economic problems that it brings with it, supply...
1 year ago

Westlab Healthcare Bulk PPE: Avoiding The “Bullwhip Effect”​ In The COVID-19 Supply Chain

Posted on the 23rd of Aug 2020 by
The bullwhip effect phenomenon refers to increasing inventory swings in response to shifts in customer demand as we go up the supply chain. The concept first appeared in Jay Forrester’s Industrial...
11 months ago

Westlab and Australian Federal Government Supporting Front-line Workers

Posted on the 6th of Sep 2020 by
In March 2020, Westlab engaged with the Australian Federal Government for a five weeks delivery program where we developed the Australian made reusable face shields. The Federal government chose our...
11 months ago

Update on Our Australian Made Initiatives

Posted on the 12th of Oct 2020 by
The global health crisis (Covid-19) was an instant shock to supply chains globally and has made the provision of essential medical products increasingly difficult. That’s why bringing manufacturing...
10 months ago

What is SARS CoV-2 LAMP Testing and Why is it the Next Step Forward in the COVID Fight?

Posted on the 6th of Dec 2020 by
COVID-19 Testing Methods: Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability  As the SARS CoV-2 infection diminishes in its intensity and prevalence in Australia, governmental health departments...
8 months ago

The Concerns Around COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Posted on the 16th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
Having risen above the pandemic of 2020, 2021 promises the imminent delivery of vaccination options. Westlab Health has unique insight into what delivery options will look like in the year to...
7 months ago

The Dangers of Fraudulent Products

Posted on the 16th of Dec 2020 by Westlab
The Concerns Frequent collaboration with personnel of the health sector in procurement and supply positions is revealing a wide concern for fraudulent products, particularly from developing nations...
7 months ago

Westlab AU – Automated local isolation gown manufacturing leading the way

Posted on the 17th of Dec 2020 by
The many benefits of local PPE manufacturing In the current climate more than ever, consumers are looking for a secure and reliable supply chain that guarantees volume, quality and sustainability....
7 months ago

Knock-on Effects of COVID-19 on our Health System

Posted on the 20th of Dec 2020 by
As the COVID pandemic ebbs and flows after its initial tidal onslaught at the beginning of 2020, authorities and intellectuals alike are considering and speculating its ongoing impact. Particularly,...
7 months ago

Today’s clinicians: expectations and experiences from suppliers

Posted on the 22nd of Dec 2020 by
Westlab have collaborated from a very healthy cross-section of clinicians, pathologists, doctors and specialists, and there are distinct themes to which their expectations and experiences align....
7 months ago

Changes in Clinical Involvement in 2021

Posted on the 10th of Jan 2021 by
The world is seeing unparalleled changes in socio-economic interaction, chiefly catalysed by the onset of a global pandemic which continues to galvanise change. From shifts in working methods, to...
7 months ago

Looking Back: The Changing Face of Manufacturing

Posted on the 17th of Jan 2021 by
You can probably guess what’s coming. “2020 was probably the most difficult year in history.” Yes, 2020 was unparalleled in its circumstances and the changes brought to the global economy. But...
6 months ago

5 key considerations when purchasing your PPE

Posted on the 19th of Jan 2021 by
Being probably one of the most crucial elements to the fight against COVID-19, PPE has become a product of unparalleled demand in the last 12 months. Key considerations have jumped out to us for...
6 months ago

All you need to know about N95 Respirators

Posted on the 25th of Jan 2021 by
The N95 respirator has fast become the face mask of choice for many Healthcare professionals and is widely considered to be the ultimate in protection against infectious aerosols. But what is an N95...
6 months ago

What to Look For When Buying a Face Shield for Medical Professionals

Posted on the 27th of Jan 2021 by
Buying face shields and PPE amidst COVID-19 is a challenging task as there are many aspects that are important to consider and can be potentially overlooked due to demands and diversity of...
6 months ago

Tips for keeping your lab sanitised and COVID-free

Posted on the 26th of Jan 2021 by
Clean and sterile laboratory equipment is now paramount in protecting students and staff.  At Westlab we’ve created some lab sanitisation guidelines, taking learnings from Australian lab...
6 months ago

Vital Criteria to Fulfil When Purchasing Hand Sanitisers

Posted on the 26th of Jan 2021 by Westlab
The current Covid-19 global health crisis has alerted us to the fact that regular hand washing and use of sanitisers is a critical component in the fight against the spread of viruses and infection....
6 months ago

SARS CoV-2 LAMP Testing: Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability

Posted on the 6th of Feb 2021 by
As the SARS CoV-2 infection diminishes in its intensity and prevalence, governmental health departments stay at the ready in preparation to attack any outbreaks—be they localised or widespread. As...
6 months ago

Feature Product: SARS CoV-2 Antigen Test Kit

Posted on the 14th of Feb 2021 by
Westlab’s rapid lateral flow antigen test kit offers great benefit to the user as a fast, efficient, effective and convenient virus testing kit. The simplicity with which the kit is used and its...
5 months ago
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