10 Effective Steps to Gain Productivity in the Lab

Posted on the 14th of Jun 2018 by admin
Productivity: the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. So how do we achieve this? You may be thinking…...
3 years ago

What Is a Spark Free Fridge & Why Is It Important?

Posted on the 20th of Jun 2018 by admin
When in the market for a laboratory refrigerator, you’ll likely come across both a standard refrigerator and a ‘spark-free’ refrigerator? What exactly does spark-free mean and do you require a...
3 years ago

Responsibilities & Challenges of Wastewater & Water Treatment Labs

Posted on the 27th of Jun 2018 by admin
The prime function of a wastewater Laboratory facility is to ensure that all discharges from a control facility meet all appropriate Federal and State standards.  The laboratory technicians and...
3 years ago

A Guide to Taking Proper Care of Your pH Electrodes

Posted on the 4th of Jul 2018 by admin
If you measure the pH of solutions on a regular basis, you would know it is quite a tedious task. You have to stand there and adjust the pH of the buffer, add acid or alkali drop by drop till you get...
3 years ago

Are Your Food Handling Nitrile Gloves HACCP Australia Approved?

Posted on the 12th of Jul 2018 by admin
If using gloves as a food safety precaution in food, it is imperative that such gloves are food safe in themselves as they usually have significant food contact. This can be assured by using gloves...
3 years ago

5 Ways to Utilise Existing Pathology Laboratory Space

Posted on the 18th of Jul 2018 by admin
Over the past 20 years, there has been a substantial shift in pathology methodologies, from manual operation and test methods to automation and robotics. This results in limited space with pathologies...
3 years ago

What Is The Difference Between Plasma & Serum?

Posted on the 27th of Jul 2018 by admin
Plasma and serum are two elements of blood that are commonly thought to be the same thing, however, they are indeed different substances. In this article, we’ll go over what Plasma and Serum are and...
3 years ago

High Throughput Using Workflow in Today’s Histology Laboratory

Posted on the 27th of Jul 2018 by admin
The transition to automation in today’s histology laboratory can assist with high throughput, however, there is a lower cost and simpler way that can assist with automation called workflow. Workflow...
3 years ago

Top 10 Questions Asked When Purchasing Or Leasing Modular Science Laboratories

Posted on the 15th of Aug 2018 by admin
Building a temporary or modular science laboratory can be a daunting decision and as you delve into the project, more and more questions arise. Together, the team at Modulab Systems and Ausco Modular...
3 years ago

A Guide to Purchasing a Centrifuge

Posted on the 29th of Aug 2018 by admin
An essential equipment item in many laboratories is a centrifuge. It is used in processes such as separation of red blood cells, DNA, cellular debris, and organelles. Lab managers need to keep in mind...
3 years ago

A Guide to Purchasing a Compound Microscope

Posted on the 13th of Sep 2018 by admin
The microscope is one of the greatest inventions in science giving the ability to place small subjects such as cells and microorganisms on a slide and magnify them between 40x and 1500x allowing for a...
3 years ago

The Different Types of Glass in the Lab 

Posted on the 27th of Sep 2018 by admin
Glassware in the form of beakers, Petri dishes, vials, burettes and cylinders among others has always been a part of even the smallest laboratories. This is because of the unique inert qualities that...
3 years ago

5 Ways to Make a High Throughput Laboratory More Efficient

Posted on the 17th of Oct 2018 by admin
In a competitive world, the most active and agile laboratory in the market wins! In this article, we seek to look at ways to make your laboratory more lean and agile. A competitive edge...
3 years ago

8 Steps to Handling a Lab Chemical Spill

Posted on the 24th of Oct 2018 by admin
Careful handling, storing and good laboratory practices in the use of laboratory chemicals will significantly reduce the occurrence of spills.  However, despite laboratory best practice, chemical...
3 years ago

What Style of “Wishlister” are you?

Posted on the 31st of Oct 2018 by admin
Wishlists are an interactive method to collect and organise the current and future laboratory ordering requirements. Using Wishlists will help make the process of ordering consumables, supplies and...
3 years ago

7 Reasons to Use Open Steel Wire Shelving for Laboratory Storage

Posted on the 7th of Nov 2018 by admin
Tired of having less than optimal storage solutions for your laboratory, hospital, healthcare and medical facilities.  Whether you are looking for storage and shelving options for a new lab...
3 years ago

Tips for Choosing a 3-Decimal Balance

Posted on the 29th of Nov 2018 by admin
Laboratory balances are one of the pieces of equipment that are often taken for granted. However, these analytical balances are an important instrument in any laboratory – without a functional,...
3 years ago

Why You Should Care About Your Lab Stool

Posted on the 22nd of Jan 2019 by admin
In a lab, there are many aspects of safety that we are strict about. We often overlook the one that affects us the most – our sitting position. This article will provide you with the tools to ensure...
3 years ago

Modular Benching vs Fixed Cabinetry in Pharmaceutical, Pathology, Education & QA Labs

Posted on the 6th of Feb 2019 by admin
Not all laboratories are the same. In fact, there are several laboratory types, and each has its unique purpose, advantages and constraints. However, the need for practical and durable cabinetry is a...
2 years ago

Developing the Perfect Gauze Mat at Westlab

Posted on the 13th of Feb 2019 by admin
The primary purpose of a wire gauze mat is to support a container (such as a beaker or an Erlenmeyer flask) while it is being heated. The gauze mat also helps with an even distribution of heat as the...
2 years ago

The Inspiration Behind Westlab's Popular Square Bunsen Tubing

Posted on the 27th of Feb 2019 by admin
The well-known “Westlab Square Tubing” has been a massive takeover in secondary schools globally due to the customer-centric approach of the Westlab product development team. In this article, we...
2 years ago

Top 6 Laboratory Design Trends

Posted on the 7th of Mar 2019 by admin
1. More open-design, teamwork orientated labs With the evolution of education etc., teamwork and ‘see and be seen’ working cultures are on the rise. More open space, visibility and flexibility...
2 years ago

How to Become an Indispensable Laboratory Technician

Posted on the 13th of Mar 2019 by admin
Bringing genuine value to your organisation/laboratory is important for your own job security and personal development, as well as the success of your organisation. Recognition, promotions, and...
2 years ago

Choosing The Right Fume Hood For Your Laboratory

Posted on the 20th of Mar 2019 by admin
Selecting a fume hood can seem intimidating. When working in a laboratory environment, whether it be educational or industrial, it’s important to have a properly functioning fume hood at your...
2 years ago
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