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5 key considerations when building or refurbishing a laboratory

Building or refurbishing a new laboratory can be daunting task as there is many things to consider In the design process. In this article we cover 5 key considerations whilst building a laboratory. Understand the process and workflow. It is important to understand the flow/process of your existing laboratory. This will help you to design […] ... Read More

Who should be involved in your laboratory design process and why?

Designing a laboratory can be a daunting task and it is often a question of how many people you should include in the laboratory design process. Too many people and personalities can create confusion that will lead to delays in the design process. It is important to know who you should include and understand how […] ... Read More

Checklist to assist with refurbishing a laboratory with a tight budget.

Looking to save a few dollars and coordinate the refurbishment of your secondary school laboratory? At Modulab, we have been supporting schools and their laboratories for over 20 years and it is a privilege to support education departments in the self-management of laboratory refurbishments. There are many unknowns in the refurbishment of an educational laboratory, […] ... Read More

Building a lab? Why you Should use a Lab Specialist over a Cabinet Maker

If you are considering a new laboratory rebuild or refurbishment, it is important to consider your supply partners. A great partner can make for a great outcome in your new facility. Usually, you will need to choose between a Joiner or a Lab Fit-out Specialist and choosing between them can often be a difficult choice […] ... Read More

Why make your new science laboratory a flexible learning space?

A guide for principals, teachers, educators, technicians and assistants. Benefits of a flexible laboratory space In recent years, there has been a significant shift in traditional methods of teaching science. We are now seeing new approaches to the design and fit-out of laboratory work spaces. An ideal science laboratory is now one that provides flexibility […] ... Read More

Tips for success in your lab relocation

  Whatever your industry, the relocation of your lab requires the utmost detail. Lab relocation is a stressful and sometimes frustrating experience but is a highly important and delicate task which can suffer greatly from the smallest oversight. Attention to detail will ensure your old and your new lab maintains cleanliness, preserve your years of […] ... Read More

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