5 Ways to Save $10,000 in Your Laboratory!

5 Ways to Save $10,000 in Your Laboratory!

5 Ways to Save $10,000 in Your Laboratory!

Posted on the 12th of Sep 2017 by Westlab

Free freight for online orders over $100

Place regular orders online and take advantage of our free freight offer.  Small everyday savings can have a huge impact on your overall spend.  For example, a lab ordering on average 3-4 times per week could be spending up to $5,000 per year on freight alone!

Westlab Same Day Dispatch Guarantee

Reduce your inventory by ordering as you go.  Whilst large stocks on the shelf may appear efficient, it ties up cash and space which could be used more effectively. If the average science budget is $10,000 – a 20% reduction in stock = $2,000.

Bulk/Volume Pricing

Westlab offers a volume-based price structure.  The more you purchase the less $ you pay!

For example, a 250ml beaker price varies as follows:

1 buy price       = $3.10

50 buy price     = $2.67

= 15% saving  

A 15% saving on a $10,000 budget = $1,500

Purchase a Quality Product

Westlab offers a tried and tested range of laboratory consumables, equipment and apparatus for science.  The old saying: “You get what you pay for” is very true in the scientific world! Durability, toughness, clear technical specifications, warranties, etc. can result in a dramatic increase in product longevity.

Example:  a 10% longer life on will result in a saving of $1,000 based on an average $10,000 budget.

Storage, safety and compliance

A well-organized inventory ensures that you can access consumables and apparatus quickly and effectively.  Many labs have significant quantities of product tucked away in unseen corners and cupboards!

Keeping your dangerous goods in a compliant and well-ventilated cabinet gives you good visibility and control.  Having a capital equipment register enables lab managers to locate the right tool for the job without having to purchase another!

Example: Reorganize your lab and find 5% extra product + save space!

   $10,000 x 5% = $500

Total Savings: (based on a $10,000 budget + freight costs)

Freight: $5,000
Reduce inventory:  $2,000
Bulk pricing: $1,500
Quality: $1,000
Find equipment: $500
Total Savings 10,000
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