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What is Happening with Pipette Tips?

Posted on the 14th of Jul 2021 by
Science – a very broad department of the world’s functioning and continuation, had a slap in the face through 2020. With no negative connotation on the performance of our scientific sectors,...
11 days ago

SARS CoV-2 LAMP Testing: Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability

Posted on the 6th of Feb 2021 by
As the SARS CoV-2 infection diminishes in its intensity and prevalence, governmental health departments stay at the ready in preparation to attack any outbreaks—be they localised or widespread. As...
6 months ago

Tips for keeping your lab sanitised and COVID-free

Posted on the 26th of Jan 2021 by
Clean and sterile laboratory equipment is now paramount in protecting students and staff.  At Westlab we’ve created some lab sanitisation guidelines, taking learnings from Australian lab...
6 months ago

Changes in Clinical Involvement in 2021

Posted on the 10th of Jan 2021 by
The world is seeing unparalleled changes in socio-economic interaction, chiefly catalysed by the onset of a global pandemic which continues to galvanise change. From shifts in working methods, to...
7 months ago

A Guide to Staff Training in the Lab

Posted on the 26th of Feb 2020 by admin
The laboratory sector is one of the most technologically advancing markets and lab managers must keep up to date with the latest trends and foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement....
1 year ago

Tips For Success In Your Lab Relocation

Posted on the 23rd of Jan 2020 by admin
The relocation of your lab requires the utmost detail, regardless of your industry. Lab relocation is a highly important and delicate task which can be affected significantly from the smallest...
2 years ago

Get an Extra $7,500 Worth from Your Laboratory Budget

Posted on the 18th of Sep 2019 by admin
If the idea of creating money from thin air appeals to you, then we have good news! We have compiled our top five tips that can help you save $7,500 from your laboratory budget. Read on… 1. Freight...
2 years ago

The Challenges of Working in a Lab

Posted on the 22nd of Aug 2019 by admin
Challenges Scientists Face in the Lab Cross Contamination. Normally this is the outcome of trivial incidents of carelessness or oversight, or conversely, unavoidable mishaps. Nevertheless,...
2 years ago

The 10 Unspoken Rules in the Lab

Posted on the 18th of Jul 2019 by admin
1. Don’t touch Never, ever use someone else’s equipment, samples, liquid media, or particularly anything subject to contamination, without clear permission. Overlook this unspoken rule and you...
2 years ago

Instant Asset Write-off Explained

Posted on the 5th of Jun 2019 by admin
A key feature of the 2015/16 Federal Budget (and subsequent Federal Budgets since) was the Instant Asset Write Off scheme for small businesses – a scheme which has proven to be very popular with...
2 years ago

How to Effectively Manage Safety in Your Laboratory

Posted on the 27th of Mar 2019 by admin
The importance of a chemical hygiene plan is to ensure that the processes, protocols, tools and equipment are available to assist workers to guard against the hazards presented in a laboratory. The...
2 years ago

4 Tips to Manage Laboratory Inventory

Posted on the 14th of Feb 2018 by admin
Managing inventory in the laboratory is an important task and the significance of it is largely overlooked. Inventory management remains one of the single most effective ways to reduce costs and...
3 years ago

The Power of TEAMWORK in the Laboratory

Posted on the 22nd of Nov 2017 by admin
TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. This popular acronym is very true, but in reality, how does it work and what application does it have to your laboratory? To find out we turned to our own...
4 years ago

How to Identify a Highly Effective Laboratory Technician

Posted on the 14th of Nov 2017 by admin
Highly efficient laboratory technicians are individuals that are in high demand today’s laboratories as they are people that roll-out the red carpet for great lab management, organisation,...
4 years ago

How to Fast Forward a Decision From Your Management

Posted on the 23rd of Oct 2017 by admin
Some decisions in the laboratory can directly affect operational outcomes and larger capital requirements, such as specialist laboratory equipment that directly depends on higher management to approve...
4 years ago

Key Budgeting Tips for Saving Money in Your Laboratory

Posted on the 23rd of Oct 2017 by admin
Documenting a budget is a great starting point when given the job to supervise the expenditure for your laboratory. Managing a budget in a laboratory can be an overwhelming task as there is...
4 years ago

Ten Tips To Save Time in the Lab

Posted on the 20th of Sep 2017 by admin
Highly successful laboratory personnel know that time is a precious commodity in the day to day operation of a lab. There is nothing more valuable than time – whilst money can be lost and made...
4 years ago

5 Ways to Save $10,000 in Your Laboratory!

Posted on the 12th of Sep 2017 by admin
Free freight for online orders over $100 Place regular orders online and take advantage of our free freight offer.  Small everyday savings can have a huge impact on your overall...
4 years ago
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