Westlab Healthcare Bulk PPE: Avoiding The “Bullwhip Effect”​ In The COVID-19 Supply Chain

Posted on the 23rd of Aug 2020 by
The bullwhip effect phenomenon refers to increasing inventory swings in response to shifts in customer demand as we go up the supply chain. The concept first appeared in Jay Forrester’s Industrial...
11 months ago

Responsibilities & Challenges of Wastewater & Water Treatment Labs

Posted on the 27th of Jun 2018 by admin
The prime function of a wastewater Laboratory facility is to ensure that all discharges from a control facility meet all appropriate Federal and State standards.  The laboratory technicians and...
3 years ago

Importance of Maintaining & Monitoring Waterways

Posted on the 20th of Mar 2018 by admin
Without water, no life could exist, and many essential and nonessential human activities wouldn’t be possible without the use of healthy waterways. It is therefore the responsibility of us all to...
3 years ago
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