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Tips for keeping your lab sanitised and COVID-free

Posted on the 26th of Jan 2021 by
Clean and sterile laboratory equipment is now paramount in protecting students and staff.  At Westlab we’ve created some lab sanitisation guidelines, taking learnings from Australian lab...
6 months ago

All you need to know about N95 Respirators

Posted on the 25th of Jan 2021 by
The N95 respirator has fast become the face mask of choice for many Healthcare professionals and is widely considered to be the ultimate in protection against infectious aerosols. But what is an N95...
6 months ago

Tips for Improving Lab Lighting

Posted on the 20th of Nov 2020 by admin
Lighting is fundamental in a laboratory’s work environment as it directly affects the performance of those who work in the lab. For instance, a large number of lab personnel are required to complete...
8 months ago

Tips for Keeping your Lab Sanitised & COVID 19 Free

Posted on the 27th of May 2020 by admin
Clean and sterile laboratory equipment is now paramount in protecting students and staff.  At Westlab we’ve created some lab sanitisation guidelines, taking learnings from Australian lab...
1 year ago

10 Ways to Decrease Cost Per Sample in Your Laboratory

Posted on the 16th of Apr 2020 by admin
There are several ways to reduce the cost per sample in a throughput laboratory. In this article, we examine some of the easier ways to reduce your sample. Investing the time into being smarter and...
1 year ago

Tips For Success In Your Lab Relocation

Posted on the 23rd of Jan 2020 by admin
The relocation of your lab requires the utmost detail, regardless of your industry. Lab relocation is a highly important and delicate task which can be affected significantly from the smallest...
2 years ago

9 Ways to Make Your Day Productive in the Lab

Posted on the 2nd of Oct 2019 by admin
1. Plan Ahead For an efficient and productive day at the lab, the first and foremost thing to do is plan your day. This may be done at the end of the previous day, or in the morning at work. Jot down...
2 years ago

Get an Extra $7,500 Worth from Your Laboratory Budget

Posted on the 18th of Sep 2019 by admin
If the idea of creating money from thin air appeals to you, then we have good news! We have compiled our top five tips that can help you save $7,500 from your laboratory budget. Read on… 1. Freight...
2 years ago

Work/Life Balance: Tips for Lab Professionals

Posted on the 14th of Aug 2019 by admin
Working as a lab professional means sacrifice, time and effort. This applies to any position of academia. This raises the question as to whether a work-life balance in this profession exists. The...
2 years ago

5 Key Considerations for a Great Laboratory Design

Posted on the 19th of Jun 2019 by admin
In this article, we look at some of the key aspects of great laboratory design. Every laboratory type has its own unique purpose, and the design consideration can determine the effectiveness of the...
2 years ago

What Style of “Wishlister” are you?

Posted on the 31st of Oct 2018 by admin
Wishlists are an interactive method to collect and organise the current and future laboratory ordering requirements. Using Wishlists will help make the process of ordering consumables, supplies and...
3 years ago

8 Steps to Handling a Lab Chemical Spill

Posted on the 24th of Oct 2018 by admin
Careful handling, storing and good laboratory practices in the use of laboratory chemicals will significantly reduce the occurrence of spills.  However, despite laboratory best practice, chemical...
3 years ago

5 Ways to Make a High Throughput Laboratory More Efficient

Posted on the 17th of Oct 2018 by admin
In a competitive world, the most active and agile laboratory in the market wins! In this article, we seek to look at ways to make your laboratory more lean and agile. A competitive edge...
3 years ago

A Guide to Purchasing a Compound Microscope

Posted on the 13th of Sep 2018 by admin
The microscope is one of the greatest inventions in science giving the ability to place small subjects such as cells and microorganisms on a slide and magnify them between 40x and 1500x allowing for a...
3 years ago

A Guide to Purchasing a Centrifuge

Posted on the 29th of Aug 2018 by admin
An essential equipment item in many laboratories is a centrifuge. It is used in processes such as separation of red blood cells, DNA, cellular debris, and organelles. Lab managers need to keep in mind...
3 years ago

What Is The Difference Between Plasma & Serum?

Posted on the 27th of Jul 2018 by admin
Plasma and serum are two elements of blood that are commonly thought to be the same thing, however, they are indeed different substances. In this article, we’ll go over what Plasma and Serum are and...
3 years ago

10 Effective Steps to Gain Productivity in the Lab

Posted on the 14th of Jun 2018 by admin
Productivity: the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. So how do we achieve this? You may be thinking…...
3 years ago

Refurbishing Your Lab With Little or No Downtime

Posted on the 6th of Jun 2018 by admin
In an environment where attention to detail is everything, laboratories looking to refurb need to seek a partner that can manage a high-level finish with no downtime to sensitive business operations....
3 years ago

The Fundamentals of Conductivity

Posted on the 16th of May 2018 by admin
Electric Conductivity is quite a comprehensive and difficult subject and there are many publications that cover the topic in depth. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss the fundamentals of...
3 years ago

4 Attributes that Make a Great 1st & 2nd Year University Laboratory

Posted on the 2nd of May 2018 by admin
A 1st- and 2nd-year laboratory in a university is a large teaching space that can accommodate up to 150 students. When you’re dealing with that many students, it is imperative that you consider...
3 years ago

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a pH Meter

Posted on the 14th of Mar 2018 by admin
When you are purchasing a pH Meter, there are 5 essential things you should consider: Accuracy, Calibration, Electrodes, Temperature, and Portability. In this article, we seek to discuss these aspects...
3 years ago

Key Attributes of a Preferred Supplier

Posted on the 21st of Feb 2018 by admin
As a laboratory manager, it can be a debate as to whether you should have preferred suppliers or remain flexible with your ordering requirements. There are pro’s and cons for both options but if you...
3 years ago

4 Tips to Manage Laboratory Inventory

Posted on the 14th of Feb 2018 by admin
Managing inventory in the laboratory is an important task and the significance of it is largely overlooked. Inventory management remains one of the single most effective ways to reduce costs and...
3 years ago

The Power of TEAMWORK in the Laboratory

Posted on the 22nd of Nov 2017 by admin
TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. This popular acronym is very true, but in reality, how does it work and what application does it have to your laboratory? To find out we turned to our own...
4 years ago
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