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Update on Our Australian Made Initiatives

Posted on the 12th of Oct 2020 by
The global health crisis (Covid-19) was an instant shock to supply chains globally and has made the provision of essential medical products increasingly difficult. That’s why bringing manufacturing...
10 months ago

10 Ways to Decrease Cost Per Sample in Your Laboratory

Posted on the 16th of Apr 2020 by admin
There are several ways to reduce the cost per sample in a throughput laboratory. In this article, we examine some of the easier ways to reduce your sample. Investing the time into being smarter and...
1 year ago

5 Ways to Make a High Throughput Laboratory More Efficient

Posted on the 17th of Oct 2018 by admin
In a competitive world, the most active and agile laboratory in the market wins! In this article, we seek to look at ways to make your laboratory more lean and agile. A competitive edge...
3 years ago

Two Effective Ways to ‘Lean’ Your Lab

Posted on the 18th of Apr 2018 by admin
We are advancing in the 21st century at extraordinary speeds. As we begin to see robotics and automation becoming more prevalent in laboratories, it has become clear that a lean laboratory...
3 years ago

The Power of TEAMWORK in the Laboratory

Posted on the 22nd of Nov 2017 by admin
TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. This popular acronym is very true, but in reality, how does it work and what application does it have to your laboratory? To find out we turned to our own...
4 years ago

Importance of Understanding Workflow Before Designing Your New Lab

Posted on the 11th of Oct 2017 by admin
What Is Workflow? Workflow is the set of tasks grouped chronologically into a process and the people or resources needed for those tasks, that are necessary to achieve a goal. A laboratory workflow...
4 years ago

Waste Elimination Using “WOODMITS” – Lean Management Techniques

Posted on the 19th of Sep 2017 by admin
Waste reduces the capacity of a laboratory to reach its objectives in the most efficient manner; it uses limited resources in ways that do not contribute to the organisation’s overall goals....
4 years ago

Implementing 5S in the Laboratory

Posted on the 19th of Sep 2017 by admin
5S is a visual management tool and a structured methodology in creating best practice, clean, organised and efficient working environment. 5S can assist with the elimination of frustration, confusion,...
4 years ago
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